Advent Devotionals


For almost all Christians advent is the time to prepare for the Christmas feast. Fasting and daily devotions and prayers are among the ways most Christians prepare for this time. To most Catholics on the other side this time they have other better tools that still help them to prepare even better for this period. Among them are Christmas movies, Advent wreaths, and decorating their homes. During this time is highly regarded as the time for prayers and meditation. At this time with family advent wreath is used in having family devotions. Also rather than praying alone this time one is advised to set time alone and pray and meditate. Simply click for more.

When with family maybe in the evening after all days week, for strict Catholics lights the one Advent candle on the wreath and have devotion. Among the common devotion that is usually read and taught to the children is Water from the rock. This particular sermon is taught and can even take several weeks as the weekly devotional message teaching and reminding the Christian household during that time of advent how Christ is superior. In this weekly devotion, the family will share more about how they understand the power of Christ in relation to the passage in this devotion. Here children will be encouraged not to despair even at difficult situations since as Christ supplied water in the wilderness to the Israelites so is the same that, in all their lives they should focus and hope on Christ who is always watching and ready to help once we call on him. The children in most cases, as well as all members of the family, will look forward to these devotions and there are chances that they will always remember these sermons all years of their lives. Check to learn more.

Rather than just reading the weekly devotions family time is very important during this advent time and most Christians will spend time together rather than having the weekly devotions they will also do other social interaction activities like playing cards, cooking and even watching Christian movies. All these activities are made I order to ensure that the children rely on to get to understand the message about this period of the year. That’s why even at some Christian homes children help to decorate the Christmas tree and also helps in decorating their homes with Christmas related pictures. Finally, when Christmas day comes food and beautiful things and merry and happiness that follows is intended to make the children admire more this period and having been taught devotional messages they help them as they mature. Go to for more info.


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