Advent Devotionals – Water from Rock


The Orthodox and Catholics are known for their famous beliefs in the advent season. Though the other denominations have heard about it, they do not celebrate it, and it often remains a mystery. The advent season is characterized by terms such as the Advent wreath and some liturgical colors. Apart from the Catholics and the orthodox, most people associate it with Christmas. Check to learn more.

Advent is a Latin term that means “arrival.” This is about Jesus Christ’s arrival. The believers usually have an official color which is violet or purple although in week three they wear rose or pink. The advent season is observed for four weeks before Christmas which translates to four Sundays. Therefore, depending on the specific year, it can start in the month of November or begin early December.

For the Orthodox and Catholic churches, Christmas usually starts on the same day, but it continues to be celebrated for a few weeks. However, Christmas seems to start in October and sometimes September for most Americans. Thus, you will find Christmas trees being sold in local stores as early as July. This is the reason why many modern people do not comprehend the advent since, for most people, Christmas starts during the Advent season. Nevertheless, the truth remains that the Christmas is different from the Advent season which is just a Christian season whose focus is distinct from Christmas. Check this service for more info.

Advent is a season of expectation of the first arrival of Jesus Christ. Advent has been commemorating this season for hundreds of years waiting for Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection. This seems to make sense since Advent leads to Christmas. Therefore, for the four weeks of Advent, believers usually wait for Jesus’s birth, together with the priests, prophets and common people of the Old Testament.

Advent also symbolizes the wait for the second arrival of Christ. This is also another main theme of this season. The scripture readings at Advent usually talks about the second coming of Christ. Therefore, people who believe in the second coming of Jesus typically wait in reality for this big day. For this reason, these two main themes are woven into one during Advent.

Just like Lent, Advent is a season of austerity which is a scaled-back event in the Church year. Though it isn’t a true fast in an official sense, it is normally a bare season. It is a season of more soberness and less festive period before the start of the celebratory season of Christmas. Check for more info.


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